Enjoy all the tourist opportunities the Vendée has to offer during your camping holiday in Saint-Hilaire

The Vendée region: a wealth of exceptional local heritage and a host of activities to suit everyone

The Vendée is one of the most dynamic French departments when it comes to tourism and boasts exceptional natural and historical heritage, along with a long-standing tradition of offering a warm welcome to its visitors as well as providing a wide range of activities, both on the coast and inland.

A particularly well-developed network of cycle paths means you can discover the Vendée and get back to nature at the same time, under the gentle summer sun and a soft sea breeze.

The joys of Vendée cuisine, a perfect combination of seafood and country cooking!

The Vendée cuisine is part of the broader tradition of Poitou gastronomy. It combines fish and seafood dishes with a range of country cooking (local sourced chickens and guinea-fowl, local vegetables) and offers some of the best aspects to French cuisine based on high-quality fresh produce. It's also worth noting that the region still produces some fresh eels, which are a must-try local delicacy served with garlic and parsley butter!

During your camping holiday, make the most of this simple, traditional cuisine and sample some of the local specialities, for example the famous brioche vendéenne or the Vendée cured ham. And don't go home without tasting the mogette, a kind of bean, which you'll find in a variety of dishes.

As you settle down for some pre-dinner drinks, why not sip a glass of Fiefs-Vendéens rosé wine (AOC) or a Pineau des Charentes?

Must-tries for your camping holiday in the Vendée

The fresh oysters and mussels of the Vendée markets.
The brioche vendéenne, perfect for breakfast or as a cheeky afternoon snack!
Caillebotte cheese, a fromage frais that makes a refreshing dessert.

Sports, leisure and activities in the Vendée region

While cycling and watersports are key components in any sporty holiday in the Vendée, the region has a lot more to offer in that respect too, from walking trails, sand yachting and microlighting to horse-riding: there's something for everyone!

In the Vendée sunshine, a host of other activities are available too: casinos, restaurants, local crafts and markets, and lesiurely strolls through villages and fishing ports, and why not cast your own line and see if you have any luck?!

Must-dos for your camping holiday in the Vendée

A walk along the coast. Start at the campsite in Saint-Hilaire and head for the coastal path (SPPL) n° 28, where for a relaxing 3 hours, you can observe all the natural delights of the French Atlantic coast.
Le Puy du Fou. This world-famous historical theme park recreates the history of Vendée, but its impressive stage is also the backdrop for shows focusing on the Romans, the Vikings, and other themes.
Watersports. Dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, canoeing: the choice is yours! Be sure to dip your toe in the water at least once during your stay!

The Vendée: between its natural heritage and architectural gems, it's an unending source of tourist opportunities

The Vendée, which is historically part of the Poitou province, was created during the French Revolution and takes its name from a local river.

Its complex history has in no way affected its traditional architecture and you can still enjoy its traditional thatched cottages or bourrines, its religious heritage with the Roman churches in the south, or the splendid buildings of the landed gentry of yesteryear, for example the Logis de la Chabotterie (18th century) Castle in Saint-Sulpice.

The Vendée also has some incredible nature for you to discover: unspoilt coastlines, with long fine sand beaches and coves hidden behind the dunes, pretty countryside with typical Poitevin villages, forests and rivers, the Marais Poitevin marshlands, a half-way house between the Atlantic ocean and luxuriant countryside. If you are nature lovers, get ready to head out and explore all these riches, whether on foot or by bike on one of the area's many cycle paths.

Must-sees for your camping holiday in the Vendée

The island of Noirmoutier. Visit its nature reserve, a haven for marine birds, as well as its salt marshes, ports and beaches.
The Marais Poitevin. Explore these marshes by boat and glide along the canals observing its unique wildlife and vegetation.
The Marais Salants de la Vie. Visit these salt marshes, where you can discover more wildlife and vegetation, but also learn more about the salt workers' jobs and the traditional methods they still use today. There's a salt tasting at the end of the visit too, as an added bonus.